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What Does $100,000 Look Like? – A Discussion with Attorney D. Mike Allen

Join Us Tomorrow Night For:
What Does $100,000 Look Like?
with Entrepreneurship Attorney D. Mike Allen

November 8th
7pm, INFO East 130

Join us for a discussion on getting your startup off the ground.  We’re going to be talking about financing, logistics, and making your ideas grow into a company.
D. Mike is an attorney with Mallor | Grodner LLP. He helps startups get started. He also helps them stay out of trouble as they grow. He was the original organizer of Ignite Bloomington and now serves as Vice-president of Humanetrix Foundation, the sponsor of a number of Bloomington tech events.

Put This Upcoming Date on Your Calendar:
A Pitch on an Elevator: How to Make Your Idea Stick
December 5th
7pm, INFO East 130

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